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Auditing and Accounting Services
Sterling & Company offers a wide range of accounting services to meet the needs of our clients from small one-owner businesses up to large companies.

Accounting services include:

  • General Ledger Preparation - tailored to provide our clients with the information in the desired format.
  • Financial Statement Preparation - preparation of financial statements to be used by our clients for internal and external uses.
  • Bookkeeping Assistance - One of our most valuable services to small businesses is being available to assist in setting up and maintaining appropriate bookkeeping systems.

Tax Services
Sterling & Company works hard at evaluating taxpayer facts and circumstances in order to minimize tax liabilities. We maintain a wide background and experience working with federal, state, and local taxing authorities.

Tax services include:

  • Federal, State, & Local income tax preparation
  • Income tax planning
  • Determining the income tax consequences of various scenarios
  • Estate tax planning and preparation
  • Representation of taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service

Management Consulting Services

Sterling & Company offers management consulting services tailored to small or closely-held businesses. We work with clients who continually face new problems and challenges as their business grows.

Management consulting services include:

  • Budget assistance
  • Financial forecasts and projections
  • Operating analysis
  • Purchase or sale of business
  • Operations analysis and recommendations
  • Assist in lease and purchase decisions

Estate Planning
Sterling & Company offers estate planning with the objective of transferring more of your net worth to the heirs of your choice. After you spent your life working at building your net worth, why give half of it away in taxes.

Estate Planning services include:

  • Establishing the size and content of your estate.
  • Determine the amount of estate taxes based on your current estate.
  • Develop strategies to reduce the tax
  • Partner with attorneys to ensure that legal documents reflect the strategies of estate planning.
  • Establish a financial plan for providing education, caring of aging parents, comfortable retirement, or achieving an early retirement.

Feel free to contact us to discuss any of the above information.
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